Day and Date Cinema: Watching Movies at Home the Day they are Premiered…

Watching movies the night that the film premiers in your country of residence has been debated within our industry for a while now.

PRIMA Cinema, one of the first offerings, is available in the US with hardware costs circa $35,000 and a viewing cost of around $500 + per movie, however the solution is still limited to only a select few film studios.

More recently Sean Parker of Screening Room talked prolifically about a solution that would result in a nominal hardware cost for some sort of device/set top box which would connect to your home cinema and deliver the content with a cost of around $50 per movie, the stuff that dreams were made of! Anybody who has invested significantly in a home cinema system would surely invest in a “Premiere at Home” solution, it would be cheaper than a night out at the movies! Many were excited, however nothing as yet has transpired!

For the UK market we do now have an offering, however it comes with caveats and is only available for the super elite cinemas that we install on occasions, so apologies if it is outside of your grasp for now….

The solution is pretty much the same transport system that delivers the films to the commercial cinemas, where we usually watch them, however the end user control and experience has been customised to suit the type of homes these systems are being installed in.

To give you an idea of costs you will need a DCI compliant projector, which start around £50,000, as well as a business grade enterprise dedicated network purely for the system, with dedicated high speed ISP, hardrives, battery backups, firewalls etc, plus the hardware for the movie transport, budget another £75,000 minimum, then there is an annual membership fee which will cover a movie viewing and R&D into product enhancement for £15,000 with additional movies priced on reservation.

Obviously on top of this equipment you need your cinema room, seating, speakers and the rest of the system, usually this equipment would go into a cinema that would be supplied starting at £400,000 upwards depending on size of room.

However for some the ability to watch a movie premiere in your own home is worth every penny, and if you had the money, why wouldn’t you?

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