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Home Cinema: Immersive Sound – Is It Worth the Additional Expense?

What is Immersive Sound and why is it going to make so much difference to your home cinema experience?

Well I am going to try and put this into simple terms, as I do not want to get too complicated here. The above is a question that we are being asked more and more when we specify and design a cinema room for a client, and in all honesty the best way to experience the difference in what you are buying would be to try it out in a demonstration.

Most good home cinema showrooms now have immersive cinema rooms, some better than others, where as part of your demonstration you can hear immersive audio formats, which have been mastered for 3D sound, you can also hear “up-mixed” audio formats, a regular movie which when the immersive engine is on will create an immersive soundtrack, or you can then simply turn off the immersive engine and listen in a traditional surround sound format. This provides you with all of the experiences to make an informed decision on whether you feel the need to invest in the additional speakers and amplifiers required to deliver the immersive sound track.

At Adept’s showroom we have two different immersive audio cinemas showing the very best in price points, however in both rooms you can hear a very noticeable difference in the sound when the immersive sound is switched off.

Most clients explain the difference as a “collapsing” of sound or a feeling like the roof is being put back on the building. When the immersive sound is on there is a feeling of much more movement of sound and also this sensation that feels like you are no longer in a room but floating within a space, which is quite spectacular.

There are several different formats for this immersive cinema experience, and all have their merit. Dolby Atmos and DTS X are formats that follow a similar speaker configuration and audio format and Auro 3D is another with a different approach (Please explore the links if you wish to find out about the different formats as this blog is not so much about that). they are all very good and offer benefits.

We would be delighted to hear from any interested parties to arrange a private demonstration to show the differences and also discuss price points and options for your own cinema or media room as we feel confident that we have some of the best demonstration facilities within the UK and Europe.

Should you be embarking on a project and need some help and advice please do not hesitate to contact ourselves so we can help with a friendly face and some professional advice.

See our latest Case Studies on this link to see some of our current work, with more coming soon.

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