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Home Cinema: Why Do I Need Big Subwoofers and How Many Do I Need?

Sometimes the largest hurdle we have to overcome with clients is the number and size of the subwoofer.

Subwoofers are primarily designed to deliver the Low Frequency Effects audio channel which is the surround sound channel that gives you all of the earthquake rumbles, and the impact of explosions, the kick of gun shots and the bass of the system. Often with smaller cinema systems the low frequency from the other speakers is also sent to the subwoofer as small speakers generally do not play low enough to emit these frequencies.

One of the key problems with subwoofers is due to the size of the sound wave in the low frequency spectrum the bass in small rooms is usually the area of most problems. Where two wave fold over on each other you can experience Nulls, where the sound is cancelled, or Peaks, where the noise is doubled, both of which can cause massive audible issues.

One of the other issues with subwoofers is that generally they need to be big to play low, big speakers eat into your room space and normally need big amplifiers to drive them efficiently also!

On top of all of this with the problems highlighted above one of the easier way of solving Peaks and Nulls is to add multiple subwoofers which helps to improve the all over room response.

At Adept we have a wealth of experience in designing cinemas that solve these problems in many ways. If you have the room for big subwoofers then great we can carefully design these to be hidden within your room, if not then there are alternatives so don’t worry!

We would be delighted to hear from any interested parties to arrange a private demonstration to show the differences and also discuss price points and options for your own cinema or media room as we feel confident that we have some of the best demonstration facilities within the UK and Europe.

Should you be embarking on a project and need some help and advice please do not hesitate to contact ourselves so we can help with a friendly face and some professional advice.

See our latest Case Studies on this link to see some of our current work, with more coming soon.

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