Home Cinema Design & Installation

We provide state-of-the-art Home Cinema design and installation options at realistic and modest budgets. Creating a luxury Home Cinema today is limited only by your imagination. Advanced technology means that you can now enjoy a superior level of audio and video in your home entertainment room that can surpass the impact and realism provided by many commercial cinema installations.


We can provide the experience of the local cinema right into your home. From the initial consultation and planning stage to the final system calibration. Our THX certified staff have the experience and training to cater to your every requirement. Adept will take every aspect of your new cinema into consideration from the size and layout of your room to the acoustics. Once installed you can sit back and relax in your own cinema seating – One touch of a button and the lighting will dim, your projector will initiate and within a matter of seconds the opening credits will roll (well once the trailers are over!)

Custom Styled Interiors

Your home cinema equipment can be neatly housed in purpose designed cabinet, cabling can be hidden within custom-made tables or bulkheads, speakers can be flush mounted to walls and ceilings whilst retractable projection screens just disappear into overhead cavities or can be covered by your favourite art-work. Not only will we provide a fantastic home cinema experience for you to enjoy but working in conjunction with specialist interior designers we can also match the décor to the rest of your property or provide a custom styled room.

Why Use Us?

·       To create the ultimate home cinema experience.

·       Recognised home cinema specialists

·       Home cinema room design and custom styled interiors

·       Bespoke service

·       Professional work ethic

·       As highly experienced installers we ensure a smooth undisruptive installation process.

·       High quality sound system using the best home cinema speakers

·       Specialists in multiple fields: Lighting, security, audio etc.

·       Value our customers and their visions

·       Versatile: We can work with any space to design and construct a system to suit the environment.