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Celebrating the Immortal Game: Chess Online Bots and Programs

On June 21, 1851, the most famous chess match of all time, referred to as “The Immortal Game” or “King's Gambit,” took place in London between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky.[0] This game is well-known for the daring, creativity, and showstopping drama and brilliance of its final moves. The dashing, “romantic” chess of the era is thought to be the epitome.[1]

The game was recently reenacted by Bull and Solas to commemorate this momentous match.[1] Other famous chess games have been played since then, including ones hosted by This website has bots that are used to train and instruct players, as well as bots made to play in the style of chess celebrities.[2] The most popular of these bots is the cuddly, big-eyed kitten known as Mittens. Since its introduction on January 1, its fame has grown exponentially and the website has crashed due to its immense popularity.

Chess is a great game that teaches players how to properly handle challenges and adversity. It also has great online bots and programs for training and instruction. Whether it's playing a reenactment of the Immortal Game or competing against Mittens, chess is a great way to spend time and hone your skills.

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