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Chess is the premier choice for finding quality chess boards and accessories at budget-friendly prices. Our mission is to provide the best selection of chess boards and accessories in the world and make them accessible to any and all who are interested in the game of chess. We believe that chess is a game that can bring people together and promote the development of valuable cognitive skills.

With our wide selection of chess boards, pieces, and sets, you can find the perfect set for any level of player. We are proud to be a leader in the chess community and offer our customers the best possible options.

Overview of Chess Boards com

Chess Boards com is your online source for a wide selection of chess boards, pieces, and accessories. We provide an easy and convenient way to shop for all the chess items you need in one place. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, lowest priced products from around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have something for everyone.

Chess Boards com has been providing customers with quality chess sets for over ten years and stands behind every product it sells. We pride ourselves on being customer driven, offering a wide range of customer services that include free shipping on orders over $25 and reliable customer service, so you can be sure to get exactly what you want at the best possible price.

Our online store carries a variety of different chess sets ranging in sizes from 12-inch boards up to 24-inch boards, making us your one-stop shop for any style or budget preferences. We also have multiple piece upgrades available if needed at no additional charge. In addition to offering several types of graphic designs and exotic woods from around the world, Chess Boards com also provides traditional wood sets that include:

  • Carry cases or
  • Wooden box closets if requested at an additional cost.


Chess specializes in providing the best quality chess sets for everyone from beginners to experts. They offer a wide range of chess sets in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From classic wooden boards to modern themed boards, you’ll find something for everyone.

This section will go over some of the popular products offered by Chess

Types of Chess Boards

Chess boards are one of the oldest and most popular board games of all time. Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started, selecting the right chess board is essential to ensuring enjoyable game play. So what type of chess board should you get? Here’s a brief overview of the most popular types:

  • Traditional Chess Boards: These are classic wooden boards with inlaid squares—usually dark and light wood. Traditional chess boards come in many different shapes, sizes and woods. They’re typically considered to be the best option for serious players.
  • Travel Chess Boards: As their name implies, travel chess boards are made specifically for easy transport, so they fold up or are segmented into smaller pieces. Although travel boards may not be as durable as traditional wooden ones, they offer two key advantages— portability and convenience.
  • Tournament Chess Boards: If you plan on competing in tournaments or clubs, tournament boards may be your best bet. The most commonly used material for tournament boards tend to be vinyl (or plastic): an affordable yet durable alternative to wood that’s quite common in larger tournaments given its low cost and wide availability.
  • Theme/Novelty Chess Boards: Lastly, theme/novelty chess sets are designed specifically for people who want something extra special (or just have a sense of humor). These specialty sets range widely in design, materials and price range. From Lord Of The Rings themed wooden sets to collapsible metal steampunk designs (and even ones with magnetic pieces!), there are ever-increasing options available if you’re looking to make a statement with your set!

Materials Used for Chess Boards

The two most common materials used to make chess boards are wood and plastic. Each material offers unique advantages which appeal to different players or tournament organizers. The right material for you will depend on your needs, preferred playing tactics and level of expertise.

  • Wood: Wood chess boards are often seen in tournaments or used by pro-level players. Although they can be costly, they can also last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Most wooden boards come pre-finished with shades of light and dark squares to suit different tastes for board color, but other options are also available, such as rosewood and ebony boards. The downside is that these types of chessboards may take a long time to set up due to their intricate design.
  • Plastic: Plastic chess boards are generally more affordable than wooden boards and come in a variety of styles – from classic folding foldable boards to specialised 3D themed designs that add a layer of fun for casual players or children learning the game. Plastic boards are usually lightweight, making them great for travel use; however, the less expensive models may warp over time due to temperature changes when stored in direct sunlight or extreme cold climates – although this is still typically true even with wooden chessboards.

Accessories for Chess Boards

Chess boards are more than just a board and pieces. A wide variety of accessories can be used to enhance the playing experience, increase longevity of the board, and display your set with pride. Whether you're playing at home on your kitchen table or competing in a tournament, here is a look at some of the most popular chess board accessories:

  • Chess Clock – Timed matches are the standard for serious players. A chess clock signals when a player has used up their allotted time for each move and allows for easy tracking by both players. There are many types of clocks to choose from, so make sure you find one that best fits your playing needs.
  • Score Sheet – During tournaments, it's important to document every move as it is made in order to preserve evidence if needed for dispute resolution or adjudication analysis after the game is finished. Keeping track in this manner allows both players to identify sets they missed or strategies they could have employed more effectively during game play.
  • Magnetic Board Tray – A great way to store pieces away when not in use and save table space is by using a magnetic board tray. It's also an ideal way to travel with your favorite set on vacation; it keeps all 32 pieces securely in place no matter how bumpy the ride!
  • Board Sleeve – One of the most important ways you can protect your wood chess board is by investing in a quality sleeve which will protect against moisture, dust and dirt that can over time do damage to veneers and finishes if left unchecked. To prevent lasting damage like warping or scratching over time make sure any sleeve you purchase has an interior lining made from soft felt like material that will keep surfaces from rubbing against each other during transport or storage.
  • Board Stand – Board stands come in various styles ranging from metal and plastic foldable versions all the way up to heavy wooden carved pedestals perfect for displaying sets with artwork on each side panel between games! Stands also provide safety measures; keeping boards elevated off of surfaces reduces risk so you don’t run into spills that could ruin delicate woods and finishes easily if contact happened between beverage present on tables versus boards themselves.


Chess boards can come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles. Prices for chess boards can vary greatly depending on the size, materials and style that you choose. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a chess board, such as quality, craftsmanship, and design.

This section will discuss the different prices of chess boards so you can find the one that best suits your needs and budget:

Competitive Pricing

At Chess Boards COM, we believe in providing the best selection of chess boards and sets at competitive prices. We offer world-renowned chess products from the most trusted and respected suppliers in the industry. We strive to provide you with a wide variety of options for all budget levels. Whether you need a chess set for an upcoming tournament or simply just want to create a beautiful centerpiece for your home, Chess Boards COM has you covered with unbeatable breadth and value.

We carefully select our products to guarantee quality and durability, while simultaneously negotiating aggressively discounted prices across the board to keep our inventory competitively priced and affordably accessible to everyone. Our selection ranges from beginner-level starter sets such as magnetic travel sets and classic Staunton wood styles in several wood finishes, all the way up to official tournament boards with exquisite themed designs constructed from mahogany, walnut, chagrin….   and just about everything in‑between!

Our commitment is simple: always provide amazing customer service paired with incredible value that’s hard to beat! And as avid players ourselves – we understand what it feels like wanting more options; which helps us stay ahead when curating our inventory of high quality chess boards (and accessories).

Shipping Costs

At Chess Boards Com, we offer free shipping on orders over $75. We also offer a variety of options when it comes to shipping, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

  • Standard Shipping: For orders within the United States, standard ground delivery is estimated to take four to five business days. This method is free on orders over $75.
  • Two-Day Delivery: Need it faster? Select two-day delivery and you'll receive your order within two business days (excluding weekend days). This service carries an additional fee of $9.99 per order.
  • International Shipping: We offer international shipping for an additional fee of $25 per order. The estimated time for delivery varies depending on the country, but most packages are expected to arrive in 7-21 business days from the time of shipment.
  • Customer Pick-up: Want to pick up your order from our local warehouse instead? Customer Pick-up is available at no cost and available during normal business hours only (Monday – Friday from 9am -5pm EST).

Customer Service

At chess boards com, top of the line customer service is our number one goal. We work hard to ensure our customers are well informed about the products we carry and have help available for the difficult decisions that arise when choosing a chess board. We pride ourselves in our quick response times and accommodating attitude towards customer needs.

Let's look in detail to see how customer service is handled here:

Online Chat

Chess offers customers the opportunity to interact with one of our experienced customer service representatives via our online chat feature. Our customer service team is available during normal business hours to assist with inquiries regarding product options, discounts and shipping.

The online chat option provides an opportunity for customers to get immediate answers to their questions and take part in a conversation that enables them to receive product information in real time. Customers also have the option of uploading images to help us better understand product specifications or provide more information about a particular issue or request. Our knowledgeable support staff are available to provide helpful advice and answers within minutes after a live chat is initiated.

For those preferring not to use the online chat feature, we also offer three other customer service options: telephone, email and contact form submission. Customers may choose any one of these methods but should bear in mind that responses may require additional processing time than with our online chat feature. We kindly ask customers who prefer using email or contact forms rather than calling or using the online chat feature for urgent matters so that our phones remain free for customers requiring more immediate assistance.

Phone Support

At chess boards com, our friendly and professional customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have related to our products or services. Whether you're having a technical issue, looking to place an order, or simply need an explanation of a product detail, we are here to help! Our phone support team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

We also offer special one-on-one support for customers that need extra help with placing orders or navigating the website. If you are experiencing any difficulties and want personalized attention from one of our helpful customer service agents, please call us during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist you. You can discuss payment options, shipping times, return policies and more with the specially trained team members at chess boards com.

We take pride in offering top quality customer service that reflects the superior quality of all of our products. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions – there is no question too big or too small that we can’t answer!

Return Policy

At chess boards com, we strive to make your online shopping experience simple and hassle free. We understand that sometimes customers may need to return an item and in those circumstances, we accept all returns of our products within 30 days of purchase.

To help ensure a satisfactory experience, even with returns, please note the following points:

  • All returns must be received in the original packaging and accompanied by all original accessories (i.e. screws) or no refund is permitted.
  • Returned items must not show signs of wear or use beyond what would occur during delivery handling/unpacking inspection procedures, otherwise no refund is permitted.
  • Items tailored to a customer’s specifications such as custom made sets are non-returnable under any circumstance; such requests shall be declined by our support staff accordingly.
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable unless an item is found to be damaged or defective upon delivery; in this case customers will be credited for the full amount including shipping fees incurred for delivering their purchase(s).
  • If an item has been damaged due to customer negligence ,unauthorized repair/modification attempts, shipping damage/loss occurs as a result of customer’s refusal of accidental damaged goods at time of delivery etc., return requests associated with this type of scenario shall not be accepted under any circumstance; if you experience these types of issues please contact us so that we can file a claim with the appropriate shipper involved promptly.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our return policies detail mentioned above prior to initiating a request so that we may minimize any possible confusion and ensure customer satisfaction at all times!


Chess Boards Co. produces a wide variety of chess boards, pieces and accessories for any type of chess enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, they have the perfect set for you.

But what do customers actually think of their products? Here we will review Chess Boards Co. and talk about customer experiences with their products.

Customer Reviews

Getting feedback from customers is an important way to improve product quality and your overall shopping experience. Customer reviews of chess can help you decide which products are right for your needs.

Customer reviews are typically based on personal experience, so everyone's opinion is a bit different. Some comments could be general comments about the site, while others could be specific comments about an individual product, such as the board's weight and size, the pieces' detail or even how easy it is to set up the board. It's important to read all customer reviews thoroughly before making a purchase so you can decide which product is best for you.

At chess we encourage honest reviews from our customers that give us valuable insights into their experiences with us and our products. All customer reviews are moderated by our team to ensure they're on-topic and help other customers make informed choices when buying from us. Reviews provide information about delivery times, packaging quality, service response time and more, helping future buyers get the best possible experience when shopping with us. Be sure to leave honest feedback on any purchases so that others know what to expect when ordering from us in the future!

Expert Reviews

The best way to get an accurate idea of how good a chess board is, what its playing characteristics are, and if it will fit into your collection or budget is to read expert reviews. Expert reviews analyze the board quality, construction, feel, veneer finish, as well as other factors. Reviews can also provide an opinion on the quality of wood used and the craftsmanship. Many reviews will compare a particular chess board with comparable models from different manufactures and give an opinion on value for money – make sure you read several reviews in order to get a balanced opinion.

In addition to reading expert reviews, it is also important to seek out user-generated feedback from experienced players. These comments bring personal experience about the board's aesthetics, playability and reliability for long-term use. Often these opinions have more depth than brief opinions found in an expert review. Ultimately these things help you decide which chess boards are best for your collections and games.


After reviewing the extensive selection of chess boards available on the market, it is clear that there are a range of factors to consider when selecting the right board for your needs. Whether you are looking for a luxury set or one to take on the go, there is a wide range of options available to suit any budget or style.

Knowing and understanding the features of the different boards, as well as their pros and cons, will help you pick the perfect board for you.

Summary of Chess Boards com

Chess Boards com is a comprehensive resource for every type of chess player. The site covers everything from basic rules, strategies and tactics to information about the latest chess tournaments and developments in the world of competitive play. It also serves as an online store where customers can purchase quality wooden, plastic, folding and other types of boards, as well as chess pieces, clocks and many other accessories.

This site has something to offer every level of player – from the novice learning the ins-and-outs of competitive play to the intermediate looking for new challenges to conquer or the seasoned grandmaster keeping up with today’s strongest players. Its simple, intuitive navigation makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

For all your chess playing needs – from pieces and boards to accessories – trust Chess Boards com for selection, quality and pricing that won’t leave you with an empty bank account!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I purchase a chess board from Chess Boards Com?

A1: You can purchase a chess board from Chess Boards Com by visiting the website, selecting the chess board you would like to purchase, and then following the on-screen instructions for completing your purchase.

Q2: What materials are used to make Chess Boards Com chess boards?

A2: Chess Boards Com chess boards are made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and metal.

Q3: What sizes are available for Chess Boards Com chess boards?

A3: Chess Boards Com offers chess boards in a range of sizes, from small to large.

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