Home Cinema: How Do You Choose an Installation Company?

Over the previous months we have been contacted by a number of clients who, for various reasons, have been disappointed with their home cinema installations.

One client purchased their home from a developer and clearly the room had been included to tick a check list rather than deliver any pleasure for the end client, another had been installed by an alarm contractor that claimed to do “Cinema and Multi Room Audio”.

The problem in our industry is that unfortunately there are still a huge number of companies in the market that are what I would class as enthusiasts. There are a number of suppliers to our industry that clearly want their dealers to buy as much as possible from them, so to make life “easy” for the dealer they package up products that, often times, are not suited together to help increase sales and make everyones life easier, except for Yours unfortunately!

A great home cinema system can be designed to suit almost any budget and, granted, there are often compromises to be made at the lower end of the budget, however a fine system can still be delivered and installed for a relatively modest budget.

At Adept our starting point for a home cinema is under £20,000 installed, excluding seating and room finish/construction works, this price includes two subwoofers, which helps deliver smooth even bass in a room. Admittedly we have also completed installations from this price point up to many multiples of this figure, it is all about delivering the right cinema for You and Your budget.

We are not all fortunate enough to have an infinite budget so it is key for the right home cinema installation company to discuss your needs in absolute detail.

At Adept we want to deliver your bespoke home cinema to exceed your every expectation. We will discuss budget, requirement, design tastes, how the room will be used, when and by whom. We will work within your budget requirements to deliver the very best cinema for You.

We do not like to make our lives difficult on purpose we do this for your benefit. We audition and test ALL equipment that we specify so that we know that the brands that we offer deliver the very best performance for price point.

Equipment is only a small part of the puzzle though as training, knowledge and experience are also needed to know how to specify, place, calibrate and install the equipment in optimal position to get the most out of it.

At risk of becoming overly technical one of my biggest gripes in the industry is that nearly every speaker manufacture who makes an in wall speaker will design the speaker to sit flat on the wall. At high frequencies nearly every speaker behaves in the same way with a much narrower spread of sound which leads to what we call “Off Axis Response Roll Off”, all this means is that the speaker gets quieter quicker at the higher frequency when you are not standing directly in front of it, which delivers a noticeable difference in the performance.

Fixing the above issue, also known as Speaker Directivity, is relatively easy by creating what we call a “Toe In” on any speakers that sit away from the centre line of the room, however this makes installation, when in wall, a little more complicated as the wall design often needs tweaking, however the performance difference is unbelievable. The feeling of space, movement in sound, the positioning of objects and almost all high frequency information is much more accurate. You can close your eyes and place objects whereas before the sound was simply coming from in front of you somewhere!

Please do not take this the wrong way, I am not trying to dishonour home cinema installers throughout the country, it is not their fault! After all if the manufacturer of the speaker, and the distributor is telling them this is the best way then how are they supposed to know any different? It is only with years of experience, experimentation and training that someone would know this.

At Adept we take pride in every project and installation as we want you to have the every best from the system you are purchasing. We go the extra mile to get every extra horsepower out of the system that we can.

We would love to show you the difference that cinema done right makes and we feel that our 2500sqft showroom in the heart of Sunningdale, Berkshire shows how professionally installed products set up right is meant to perform.

Why don’t you give us your opinion too? Book a private demonstration now and see for yourself. If you are thinking about home cinema or smart home systems we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Also why not take a look at our latest Case Studies on this link to see some of our current work, with more coming soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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