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Maximize Your Winning Chances: 5 Chess Boards with Unique Features

Maximize Your Winning Chances: 5 Chess Boards with Unique Features

Max your chances of winning chess by getting the right equipment. Here are 5 unique boards that'll take your game up a level:

  1. DGT e-Board: Play with opponents from anywhere and analyze your games on the computer.
  2. Dubrovnik Chess Set: Handcrafted wooden pieces with a 1950s Croatian-inspired board.
  3. Travel Chess Set: Compact and fits into a backpack or purse.
  4. Folding Chess Set: Lightweight and portable, ideal for the beach or picnics.
  5. Glass Chess Set: Transparent glass pieces for a touch of sophistication.

Pro tip: Pick the chess board that fits your playing style.

Boards with Built-In Timers

Maximizing your winning chances at chess? Consider using a board with a built-in timer.

It lets you precisely measure your moves and track the time you and your opponent spend on each move. In this article, we will review five types of these boards. They can help you optimize strategies and come out as the champ!

Benefits of built-in timers

Built-in timers are essential for chess players. They help maximize winning chances and manage game time better. Here are five benefits of using them:

  1. Fair Play: Built-in timers make sure both players have equal game time and prevent any unfair advantage.
  2. Time Management: Timers help players control their time to make sure they don't run out of time for their moves.
  3. Concentration: Timers encourage players to focus on the game and not be distracted by checking the clock.
  4. Precision: Built-in timers are incredibly accurate, especially in close games where every second counts.
  5. Convenience: Chess boards with built-in timers save players from having to use separate timing devices, making chess games easier and more enjoyable.

Using a chess board with a built-in timer is a great investment for any chess player wanting to improve their game.

Comparison of analog vs digital timers

Analog and digital timers are used in chess for timing moves. Each type has its pros and cons.

Analog timers have a clock face and two buttons. They are simple and don't need batteries. But, they are not as accurate and can be easily manipulated.

Digital timers are accurate and can be programmed. Also difficult to manipulate, which prevents cheating. They require batteries or electricity, and can be tricky to use for beginners.

When deciding, think about experience level, budget, and level of play.

Top picks for chess boards with built-in timers

If you're on the hunt for a chess board with a built-in timer, you have a vast array of options to pick from. Check out these five – each with its own unique features to give you a winning edge:

  1. Chronos Chess Clock – an easy-to-use digital clock great for tournaments.
  2. ZMF-II Digital Chess Timer – a reliable design with a customizable time-setting sequence.
  3. DGT North American Chess Clock – multiple timer settings and move-tracking features.
  4. Wooden Chess Set by Wegiel – traditional wooden board and pieces plus an analog timer.
  5. Guoou Electronic Chess Board – perfect for serious players who want to play and track games online.

Choose the chess board with the specs you need for a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience!

Boards with Magnetized Pieces

Maximize your chances at winning chess? Magnetized pieces can help! Your hands won't cause them to move, so no need to be overly cautious. Below are five chess boards with this feature. Let's check 'em out!

Benefits of magnetized pieces

Magnetized pieces offer various perks in chess, especially when playing on boards with magnetized pieces. These advantages make the game simpler and improve your chances of winning. Here are some of them:

  • Stability Boost: Magnetized pieces keep the chess pieces in their marked squares, thus increasing the board's stability during play.
  • Smooth Movement: Magnetized pieces make it easy to move the chess pieces around the board without risks of toppling them.
  • Portability: Magnetic boards with magnetized pieces make it easier to take the game around without worrying about missing pieces or a disordered board set-up.
  • Aesthetically Appealing: Chess boards with magnetized pieces look gorgeous, as they keep each piece in place and show off a lovely set-up.

Altogether, magnetized pieces heighten the chess experience and significantly improve the game's quality.

Top picks for chess boards with magnetized pieces

Chess-lovers are always finding the best tools to up their winning chances. A magnetized chess board could be the answer! Here's our top picks:

  1. The Classic – Made of wood, felted bottom, and classic magnetic Staunton pieces. Suits all players.
  2. The Traveler – Folds in half and comes with magnetic pieces. Perfect for travelling players.
  3. The Modern – Sleek, minimalist design and metal pieces. Eye-catching and functional.
  4. The Premium – Lacquered finish, extra-heavy pieces, felt-lined compartments. Luxury experience.
  5. The Tech-Savvy – Connects to a smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth. Perfect for enhancing skills and tactics.

Comparison between plastic and wooden magnetic boards

When selecting a magnetic chess board, you have two materials: plastic and wood. Each type has its pros and cons.

Plastic boards are lightweight and strong, making them great for travel. They are easy to clean and maintain. However, they may appear cheaper compared to wooden boards.

Wooden boards give a classic and sophisticated look. Plus, their weight provides a stable playing surface. They feel more expensive, giving a more elevated gaming experience. However, they can be delicate and require more care than plastic boards.

It depends on your preference and use. For travel, choose plastic. If you want better quality, go for wooden boards.

Boards with Illumination

A good chess board is needed for improving your chess game. Those who want to become professional or just raise their chess game, should look into chess boards with special features. Illuminated boards are one of them; these light up for better visibility. Here are the top rated illuminated chess boards you can buy:

Benefits of illuminated boards

Illuminated chess boards offer lots of advantages for an amazing game experience. Not only do they look great, but they also make it easier to play. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Improved Vis: Lights on illuminated boards are brighter, so you can see the pieces and chess notation even in low light.
  2. Easy Set Up: Illuminated boards are simple to assemble and disassemble – ideal for home use.
  3. Interactive Fun: Illuminated boards often come with interactive features like sound effects, time limits, and move notation.
  4. Learning Aid: Illuminated boards show players' moves, helping them learn and improve.
  5. Unique Design: Illuminated boards come with intricate designs and illuminated pieces for a stunning look.

Pro Tip: Choose an illuminated board with features that match your style, knowledge, and personal preference.

Top picks for chess boards with illumination

Maximizing your chances of victory? Get a chess board with illumination! Here are five top picks for chess boards with unique features that will take your game to the next level.

  1. Square Off Grand Kingdom Set. This board has AI integrated with it. Connect to online and AI players for play.
  2. Official FIDE Electronic Chess Board. The official board for competitive play. It has LED lights for visibility.
  3. The Centaur Chess Computer. Built-in chess engine for improving tactics.
  4. The Millennium Chess Board. Advanced chess algorithm engine and High-intensity LEDs for better play and training.
  5. The Ultimate Smart Chess Board. Rosewood and maple gives it a luxurious look. Illuminating LED lights for gameplay.

Get the right chess board with illumination. It'll make a major difference in your game!

Comparison between battery-powered and USB-powered illuminated boards

Illuminated boards come in two types – battery-powered or USB-powered.

Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Battery-powered boards are easy to use as they don't need a power source. This makes them handy for taking outdoors or travelling. But, batteries may need to be changed often and the brightness can't match USB-powered boards.

USB-powered boards use LED lighting, which is brighter and more efficient. They're good for indoor games where there is access to power. To use them outside, you may need to buy a power bank.

Before deciding, think about cost, lighting, and ease of use.

Boards with Combination of Chess and Draughts

Chessboards with chess and draughts mix? Now that's a hit! Avid chess players love this combo. It gives you more chance to win – an extra element to the game. Want to know more? Here are five chessboards and their unique features. Have a look!

Benefits of combination boards

Combination boards, with both chess and draughts, have many advantages for gamers who want versatility and comfort while playing.


  1. Saves space – these boards occupy less space than two single boards, ideal for tiny living spaces and travelling.
  2. Variety – pick either chess or draughts, or switch between the two, to keep it exciting.
  3. Cost-effective – get both games in one board, at a lower price.
  4. Competitive edge – certain combination boards may have magnetic pieces or a built-in chess clock to give players an advantage.
  5. Skill-building – playing both games can help you sharpen your thinking and problem-solving skills.

Invest in a combination board to maximize your winning chances in chess and draughts!

Top picks for chess and draughts combined boards

Maximize your playing experience with a combo board! These top picks offer unique features that will take your game to the next level.

  1. The Chess Store Board: 19-inch wooden frame with inlaid wood squares. Flip to play chess & draughts.
  2. The House of Staunton Board: Durable vinyl surface with imprinted squares. Lightweight & easy to transport.
  3. The American Chess Equipment Board: Reversible surface for both games. Vinyl covering resists spills & stains.
  4. The Masters Traditional Games Board: Handmade in Europe. Luxury wooden finish with recessed spaces for both.
  5. The Chess House Board: Unique magnetic design secures pieces in place. Handcrafted in Europe with beautiful wood finish.

Comparison between size and material options

Choosing a combo chess/draughts board? It's important to think about size and materials. Here's a guide:

Size Options:

  • Standard: 12×12 inches. Fits most surfaces.
  • Large: 15×15 inches. More space but won't fit in all places.

Material Options:

  • Wood: Classic, durable but heavy.
  • Plastic: Lightweight, easy to transport but not long-lasting.
  • Glass: Sleek, modern, easy to clean but prone to breakage.
  • Metal: Sturdy, long-lasting but heavy and less portable.

Think about what you need. Then you can maximize your winning chances and enjoy your board for years!

Boards with Online Integration

Chess boards with online integration are the new trend! Play against friends or other players online and track your moves, analyze games, and challenge yourself with AI. Here are 5 chess boards that will help you win: maximize your chances now!

Benefits of online integration

Chess boards with online integration can make your gaming experience even better! From tutorials to multiplayer games, tracking and analyzing your game stats and accessing your game logs anywhere, anytime – it's all possible. Here are some of the unique benefits:

  1. Online tutorials and training to help you master strategies.
  2. Connect with other players around the world.
  3. Track and analyze your game stats, identify areas for improvement and plan your moves.
  4. Store game logs online, available when you need them.
  5. Integrate with popular chess apps and digital platforms.

So, if you're a chess enthusiast looking to increase your chances of winning – online integrated chess boards are a must-have!

Top picks for chess boards with online integration

Boost your chess game with a board that has online integration! Here are the top picks to help you win:

  1. The DGT e-Board: Combines tactile play with online analysis. It can recognize pieces no matter where they are, for easy game recording.
  2. Square Off Chess Set: Robotics move the pieces, ideal for solo and online matches. Connect it to chess apps for learning and analysis.
  3. The Chessplus Board: Standard chess plus a new mode with extra pieces and options. Connects to apps for online play and education.
  4. e-Boards Starter Package: Includes a wooden Bluetooth board, plastic pieces and access to online chess platforms.
  5. Board and Pieces: Directly connects to the app for online play and analysis.

A chess board with online integration is the ticket to success! You can get new learning and playing opportunities, plus instant analysis and feedback.

Comparison between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled boards.

Two options for online integrated boards exist: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled boards. Weigh the pros and cons of each to decide which fits your needs.

Wi-Fi-enabled Boards: Connectivity is more reliable, with a longer range. Games can be played from anywhere with an internet connection. Often, these boards offer extra features like game modes, difficulty levels, and online leaderboards.

Bluetooth-enabled Boards: Best for local games with friends, due to shorter range. Generally, these are more cost effective. Some also connect directly to your smartphone, allowing remote play if close enough.

If you're willing to invest more, a Wi-Fi-enabled board offers stability. However, if you're looking for a budget option that still works with your phone, a Bluetooth-enabled board may be best.

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