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Mittens Takes Chess Players by Storm – Critical Thinking Through Chess Tactics introduced the avatar of a cuddly, big-eyed kitten, Mittens, on January 1st and the obsession with playing her has been astonishing.[0] She has crashed the website through her popularity, and is a difficult opponent as part of the January slot, which includes a beginners’ bot called Scaredy Cat, Angry Cat and Mr. Grumpers, and a Garry Kasparov play-alike known as Catspurrov.[1] Tactics in chess are integral to the game and can often be the deciding factor in the outcome of a match. In order to be successful at chess, it is essential to possess knowledge of tactics. also offers online bots and programs for training and instruction, and it is generally accepted that chess tactics and puzzles are critical for learning chess.[1]

He stated that playing chess helps people learn how to confront and manage difficulties and hardships. Furthermore, playing chess helps to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, and it can also help improve memory and concentration. Around the web, people have been sharing posts about the game, and on Facebook and Twitter, people have been discussing and sharing the news about Mittens' popularity.

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